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What Is The Oral Chelation Health-Pac?

Oral Chelation Health-Pac, a Biologically Complete Nutritional System for Optimal Health! The Oral Chelation Health-Pac safely addresses the needs of the most important Biosystem of your body, the Cardiovascular System, upon which your entire body and health depend. The Oral Chelation Health-Pac provides a full spectrum balanced array of easily digestible and assimilable nutrients which can effectively assist the body in its natural recovery and health maintenance process. Now with Växa's Oral Chelation Health-Pac, you can be assured of meeting and exceeding all the known nutritional requirements which research has established!

Each Oral Chelation Health Pac (contains 2 boxes of Systemex, 1 bottle of TriCardia+, 1 bottle of Buffer-pH+, and 30 Medical pH-Test Strips).

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3-Step Cardiovascular Cleansing System
  • Step 1: Buffer-pH+
    Systemic Alkalize

    Dosage: 4 caps daily for 3 months.
    (1) Helps stop continuing plaque formation.
    (2) Unlocks/Keeps heavy metals from bonding, increasing chelation efficiency.

  • Step 2: TriCardia+
    EDTA Oral Chelation Formula

    Dosage: 12 caps daily for 3 months.
    (1) Chelates (grabs) dangerous heavy metals and eliminates them.
    (2) Detoxifies the Liver and Kidneys, enhancing elimination.

  • Step 3: Systemex:
    Cardiovascular Heart-Smart Meal

    Dosage: 6 servings per week for 3 months.
    (1) Provides critical Cardiovascular nutritional support.
    (2) Ongoing nutritional intervention is essential.

Optional products that aid the Cardiovascular System:

Essential heart-smart lipids for cardiovascular membrane strength and regeneration.

  (1)  Provides all essential "Heart-Smart" Fatty Acids (including Omega-3s and Omega-6s) critical for cardiovascular health.
  (2)  Supports healthy lipid metabolism in the liver, supporting lower enzyme counts and Central Nervous System maintenance.

Include for support against chronic high blood pressure
  (1) Supports healthy circulation and stabilizes vascular integrity.
  (2) Supports lowering of blood pressure

Include for support against high cholesterol
  (1) Helps reduce LDL "bad" cholesterol.
  (2) Helps reduce Serum Triglycerides.
  (3) Helps increase HDL "good" Cholesterol.

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