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Parasitic Cleansing Program A Gastrointestinal Herbal Dietary Supplement.

Parasites are everywhere, and they are very easy to contract from a number of sources. Therefore, for prevention it is recommend that a complete cleansing be performed twice a year. Växa’s Parasitin+ is a broad spectrum Scientifically Advanced containing special phytomedicinals which are known lethal antagonists to gastrointestinal and some circulatory parasites, and is engineered to effectively eliminate protozoans, flukes, roundworms and the entire body of tapeworms (including the head or scolex). Other so called anti-parasitic formulations are generally narrower in spectrum, and most are not effective against the many varieties of tapeworms. Only Parasitin+ is this effective! For prevention, it’s recommend that a complete cleansing be performed twice a year. The additional use of Växa’s colon cleanser, Colon-Aid+, will help clear the intestines of parasitic debris, and most importantly, allow the body to heal the damage caused by parasites boring through intestinal walls. Växa’s ReFlora+ will help to replace and restore healthy bacterial flora, which many parasites may have destroyed. A healthy bacterial flora can in itself help avoid some parasitic infestation. For convenience, Växa’s 30-day Parasitic Cleansing Program contains all 3 products (Parasitin+, Colon-Aid+ & ReFlora+).

Each Parasitic Cleansing Program contains: 2 bottles of Parasitin+ (240 caps total), and 1 bottle each of Colon-Aid+ (90caps) and ReFlora+ (120 caps).

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What Is A Parasite?
A parasite is an organism which lives off, and generally within, a host body, such as our own body, or other living organisms, like plants and animals. They live off the “life” of another body, feeding on the nutrients, cells and organs of the host, reproducing by depositing thousands of eggs or simply replicating by cell division, within the host’s tissues and cells.


Should We Be Concerned About Parasites And Microbials?
Yes, we should! Parasites likely infect everyone. It’s estimated that as many as 85% of the world’s population is so infected. In fact, it’s highly likely that you are infected by one or more of over 1000 known parasites which can live in your body at any one time. It’s believed by some scientists that parasitic infection is more responsible for diseases like cancer, diabetes, liver dysfunction, even HIV infection, and others than traditionally accepted.

Parasites are difficult to test for, and often present symptomatic characteristics of other diseases, like flus and colds, migraine headaches, cysts, neurological disorders, anemia, chronic fatigue and general tiredness, frequent constipation, chronic weight problems, iron deficiency, etc. Parasites prefer an acid pH to live in, and often cause a worsening of pH wherever they choose to infest, secreting a number of toxins which imbalance pH, becoming too acidic or alkaline.

How Do We Become Infected With Parasites?
Most parasitic infections come from our food and water sources. Undercooked meat (watch out for rare meat - beef, poultry and pork!) and undercooked, raw seafood (raw oysters & clams, rarely cooked grilled salmon, sushi!) are the most common vectors, as well as unwashed and undercooked fruits and vegetables. Drinking contaminated water and swimming in water as found in lakes and rivers will expose us to parasites as well.

Parasites can also be transmitted by human contact alone, through drinking from the same glass, eating from the same utensils, kissing (even a kiss on the cheek could transfer some parasites which could either enter the skin at that point or migrate across your skin into your mouth), sneezing and other exchanges of body fluids. Animals (pets and their fleas/mites/ticks) are also common vectors (i.e., carriers) which transmit the parasite to human hosts. Simply petting and grooming our pets can facilitate infection, the parasites’ eggs passing from their fur to our hands, nose and mouth. Some parasites (eg. pinworms) can even be transmitted through the air and are in the dust we breath. It’s likely, therefore, that those who live in the same household will all have the same parasitic infections, whether they are currently symptomatic or not.

But Can’t My Immune System Handle All Parasites Infecting Me?
No, it can’t! These are organisms which are built for survival. They survive because they have evolved so as to generally go undetected. And they’re good at it! Although it’s true that your Immune System can control some parasitic growth, it’s generally unequipped to handle organisms which are multicellular and larger than most bacteria and viruses. Some parasites have even learned how to successfully invade the Immune System, by incorporating themselves around macrophages, suppressing immune responses, and releasing different antigens, so that the parasite, in effect, presents a moving target to the host's immune system. And, making their detection even more improbable, parasites generally spread throughout your body in very sophisticated ways, occupying different sites at various life stages, varying their size, shape and cellular composition in ways and degrees which are designed to operate beyond the Immune System’s detection and eradication abilities.

What Kind Of Parasites Should I Be Concerned About?
Every kind! Parasites are more common than most people realize, and they are easily contracted. There are a number of major common parasites which can live in the human host and which we should be concerned about: Protozoan, Flukes (flatworms), Roundworms and Tapeworms.

Protozoan are organisms that live in the blood, tissues and intestines. They are usually very small, generally microscopic, capable of infecting every tissue in the body. Malaria is the most common protozoan disease. Their vectors (or carriers) are generally contaminated waters and insects (eg. mosquitoes). Although exceptionally small, these parasites may remain active in the human body for an entire life time, causing multiple complications and revisitations, such as in malaria fever.fluke

Flukes (Trematodes), or flatworms, are likely the most common form of parasite found in humans worldwide, including Europe and North America. They’re generally flat and oval in shape. One particular type of common Fluke, Fasciolopsis buski, is 1 mm to 70 mm/3.5 inches in length. These commonly infect everyone’s intestines and other tissues including the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys. All Flukes are terribly difficult to get rid of once infected, accumulating over a period of 10 to 20 years.

Roundworms (Nematodes) include the families of hookworm, pinworm, whipworm, threadworm, etc. These can range from 1 mm to many centimeters/inches. Commonly found in the intestines, and often contracted through the skin, they, like other parasites may migrate throughout the body and present multiple symptoms of disease.

Tapeworms (Cestodes) are generally the largest of the parasites. They are surprisingly motile and will change their location daily within the host’s body. These segmented worms, containing 50,000 eggs within each of its 3,000-4,000 segments, can release up to one million eggs per day! Some tapeworms may live as long as 25 years and can quickly reach upwards to 10 meters/33 feet in length within the gastrointestinal tract. However, their larvae can be found in almost any organ, being capable of infecting other tissues in varying stages of its development. Again, parasites have survival skills which are beyond the capabilities of our Immune System, and that’s why they can generally live for years within their host.

Tapeworm Larvae: A larvae or “sparganum” of the tapeworm Sparganosis mansoni after it was tapewormsurgically removed from a subcutaneous mass. These adult tapeworms can reach lengths of 100 cm or 40 inches. After penetrating the mucosa lining of the small intestine, they migrate systemically throughout the body, invading a variety of tissues and organs, and living for years

Are There Medical Procedures Available To Test For Parasitic Infection/Infestation Within Me?
Yes, there are, but unfortunately, they’re not very accurate nor effective. Medical tests are available which will only detect some 50 out of 1000 different varieties of parasites, but even the effectiveness of these tests detect only about 20% of those truly infected, because parasites can take so many different physical forms within their development. These “numbers” translate to some rather abysmal confidence levels as to the accuracy of the tests and the probability of them working correctly on you. Chances are, if you’re tested and you really are infected, you only have a 1% chance of finding out. Not very good odds to say the least!

Are There Any Prescriptive Medications Which Would Effectively Eliminate A Broad Spectrum Of Parasites?
Unfortunately not! Most available pharmaceutical drugs (parasiticides) are specific for only one particular parasitic organism. And most are generally not that effective because drugs target only certain areas of the body’s metabolism, or only certain stages of parasitic development. Parasiticides are generally very toxic, even in the small doses needed, and thus, must be used carefully. Because of the cunning survival strategies of parasites, and the fact that most are motile, they can quickly migrate from the area of your body that is being medicated, to one that is not, thus making it almost impossible for effective complete elimination.

Can Anything Be Done To Rid Ourselves Of Parasites?
Yes, something can be done. Växa’s Parasitin is a broad spectrum Advanced Nutraceutical engineered to effectively eliminate most major parasites known to man, including protozoans, flukes, roundworms and the entire body of tapeworms (including the head or scolex). Other so called anti-parasitic formulations are generally narrower in spectrum, and most are not effective against the many varieties of tapeworms. Only Parasitin is this effective!

Warning: The use of alcoholic beverages will increase the probability of a number of parasitic infections and regeneration (most notably, flukes) within your body. Also, try to abstain from any foods and cosmetics which contain any kind of “propyl alcohol,” as this substance too has been found to encourage the re-infestation and growth of parasites.

Common Blood Flukes in Man: Adult blood flukes of Schistosoma mansoni: the short, flat male encloses the long, pigmented female in itsfluke gynaecophoric canal and stays permanently attached. Both sexes absorb nutrients and ingest blood cells, living for 3 to 7 years on average, although some have reportedly lived up to 30 years. The female produces eggs at the rate of 300-3000 per day. They’re found throughout the circulation, including the liver and kidneys in humans.

How Does Parasitin Work?
Parasitin is a unique formulation of micro-nutritionals and Nutraceuticals containing special phytomedicinals which are known lethal antagonists to parasites. Papaya contains enzymes (papain) which will literally dissolve the bodies of threadworms within the intestines. The combination of wormwood, cloves and green hulled black walnut will effectively destroy intestinal and other tissue flukes and some roundworms. Genistein is documented to stop production of ortho-phospho-tyrosine from fluke secreted toxins so as to inhibit later fluke regeneration, and prevent dangerous, premature cell division within the infected areas.

Kamala and P. granatum have been documented to be highly toxic to stubborn and highly resistant tapeworms and roundworms. M. Azedarach and A. Indica are known to inhibit both tapeworm and hookworm regeneration, as well as being anti-fungal. Sesame seeds are greatly effective against a number of liver parasites. Cichona Bark is greatly effective against a number of protozoan, including malaria and other microbial parasites. Micro-nutritionals potentiate the body’s resources to expel the parasites naturally while also helping to eradicate tape and roundworms. Free Form Amino Acids, L-Ornithine and L-Arginine are included as well to help rid the body of ammonia, a toxin secreted by flukes and other parasites.

Are There Any Side-Effects With Parasitin+?
Absolutely none! Parasitin+ is completely safe and non-toxic! Unlike other anti-parasitic medications, Parasitin+ works naturally without the harmful side-effects that may cause nausea, diarrhea, headaches, etc.

How Long Does It Take Before Parasitin+ Works?
Parasitin+ begins to work immediately! Within days, you should begin to pass parasitic organisms, hulls and eggs within the feces, while feeling an increase in energy and a return to good health. Be sure to use Parasitin+ for at least 30 days so as to ensure complete removal of all parasites, their heads, larvae and eggs, or you may become reinfested as these lingering "pieces" of parasites begin to reproduce.

How Long Do You Have To Take Parasitin+?
It's recommended that everone take the loading dose of Parasitin+ for at least 30 days, and thereafter a maintainance dosage on a daily basis to protect against reinfestation. Remember, parasites are everywhere, and they are very easy to contract from a number of sources. Therefore, for prevention, it's recommended that a complete cleansing be performed twice a year.

Is There Anything Else I Should Do Besides Take Parasitin+?
Yes, practice good daily hygiene! It is exceptionally important that your hands are thoroughly washed (not just rinsed) after using the restroom, after petting animals, after working outdoors, and after shopping in stores, so as to avoid various forms of autoinfestation (hand-mouth). Also, thoroughly wash all vegetables, meat and seafood in a light salty brine, followed thereafter by thorough cooking before eating. Vegetables can be eaten raw, of course, but only if first washed in a light salty brine.

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