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Bio Trac Analysis Test Kit Helps Determine Mineral Deficiencies, Heavy Metal Toxins And Organ Functionality.

Växa’s powerful new test has taken the guesswork out of supplementation. Växa's BioTrac Analysis provides you with the knowledge you deserve when purchasing supplements. This new test will:

Dr. Moser
  • Determine mineral deficiencies
  • Evaluate one's urinary pH
  • Expose dangerous heavy metal toxins
  • Identify nutritional organ functionality and integrity, based on the excess or lack of select key elements
  • Provide a custom "Roadmap" to better supplementation
  • Give you the peace of mind you deserve when purchasing supplements

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What you don't know could be killing you...

Many future health problems that we could face might be avoidable if we had information about what is going on in our body and what nutrients we are lacking. The Wellness Industry will explode to One Trillion dollars in sales by 2010, according to many experts. With this explosion, Americans will be spending more than ever on nutritional support products. At the same time, many of these individuals will not ever know if what they are taking is beneficial to them or not. With Växa BioTrac Analysis, we are able to determine deficiencies and excesses of over 70 elements (minerals), evaluate one's pH, and determine if your body is harboring any dangerous, heavy metal toxins. In addition, BioTrac Analysis is also able to determine organ functioning integrity based on excess or the lack of select key elements. Based on your urine evaluation, you are able to isolate what supplementation may be beneficial for your individual needs.

How is your health?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the human life span can be as long as 120 years. However, most people born today can only expect to live to be 76. Many people believe that your lifespan is determined by your genetics. But genetics only play a very small role in the overall picture. We now understand better than ever the role that nutritional supplementation and lifestyle play in obtaining and maintaining true 'wholeness of health'. In our effort to feel better and live longer, we take vitamins and other supplementation, which we may not need. Until now, there has never been any way of really knowing what our body was deficient in or what specific systems needed attention. Växa's BioTrac Analysis takes the guesswork out of the "supplementation puzzle".

Proven Results...New Technology!

BioTrac Analysis is conducted utilizing the Perkin Elmer Optical Emissions Spectrometer Analytical System. This is the same system utilized by laboratories, hospitals, and the CDC (Center for Disease Control) for years to meet their testing needs. While Växa utilizes the same technology as these laboratories, we also incorporate customized analytical software to test a broader spectrum of components allowing us to provide a detailed picture of various health concerns that could be affecting you.

All testing is conducted in a clinical laboratory and is overseen by Dr. Philippe Moser. Dr. Moser received his doctorate from the University of Montpellier and is a trained Homeopath, Herbologist, and Micro-Nutritionalist. Moser has utilized this technology in Europe to help over 22,000 individuals know and understand their particular health concerns.

This technology, utilized by hospitals and labs across America and worldwide, is now available to you in a more complete format. In addition, Växa has made this test affordable so that anyone concerned with their nutritional health can be armed with the knowledge that only BioTrac Analysis can offer!

Now it is your turn to know...

You know the old saying "knowledge is power". Get the knowledge you deserve with Växa's BioTrac Analysis. Supplementation of nutritional products is not sufficient in creating optimal health, but rather, proper supplementation based on the evaluation of one's needs. Order your test today!

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