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Natural Herbal Heart Health Supplement Formula To Support The Heart & Circulatory System.

Växa's Heart Health Formula is an herbal combination formulated to strengthen and support the circulatory system, focusing most of its action on stimulating the heart. The ingredients in this Multi-Dimensional formula naturally support the body's ability to:

Växa's Heart Formula
  • Help strengthen cardiac function
  • Help lower cholesterol levels
  • Help regulate high and low blood pressure
  • Help treat fatigue and varicose veins

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This formula consists of 9 herbs, Co enzyme Q 10, and 9 minerals and trace elements that are known to support and stimulate the circulatory system and the heart. This product will regulate a variety of circulatory problems and promote growth and repair of damaged cells.

About The Heart

The heart weighs between 200 to 450 grams and is approximately the size of a closed fist. Each day, the average heart beats 100,000 times, pumping about 8,000 liters of blood.

The heart is located between the lungs in the middle of the chest, behind the sternum. A double-layered membrane called the pericardium surrounds it.

The heart and circulatory system make up your cardiovascular system. The heart works as a pump which pushes blood to the organs, tissues, and cells of the body. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell and then removes the carbon dioxide and waste products produced by those cells. Blood is carried from the heart to the rest of the body through arteries, and then returned to your heart through veins.

The human heart is divided into 4 chambers. The two top chambers are called atriums, and the two lower chambers are called ventricles. The atriums collect the blood that enters the heart and pushes it to the ventricles.  In turn, the ventricles push blood out of the heart and into the arteries to go to the rest of the body.

Växa's Heart Formula

How the heart works

During the systole, the right ventricle pushes deoxygenated blood through the pulmonic valve to the lungs. In the lungs a transfer of gases occurs.  The red blood cells release carbon dioxide and pick up oxygen. The carbon dioxide is then exhaled.

The reoxygenated blood returns to the left atrium.  From there it is then circulated to the body during systole by the left ventricle, where it is available at all times for use by the body. The used blood then returns to the right atrium for a return trip through the lungs.

An electrical system stimulates the heart muscle by initiating an electrical impulse, which is carried to all parts of the heart muscle causing it to contract. Disruptions in this cycle range from the simple annoying "skipped beats" to arrhythmias that often accompany a heart attack.

Diseases of the Cardiovascular System

About 20% of the population is at high risk of coronary heart disease. These patients can be identified by the major risk factors in their lives, including obesity, cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. You can take active measures to avoid being included in this group. Start by learning about the risk factors for coronary heart disease and which of them you can control. Modifying any of the risk factors can be very beneficial in helping you maintain a healthy heart.

What is Atherosclerosis?

Hardening of the arteries due to calcification associated with cholesterol deposition in the wall of the arteries, Atherosclerosis can occur not only in the heart but also throughout the body. It may be localized at a restricted small segment of the artery, or diffuse, marked by cholesterol buildup and narrowing along the entire length of an artery.

What is Hypertension?

High blood pressure, a major risk factor for heart disease. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). The threshold for hypertension is variously defined as 140 mmHg systolic and 90 mmHg diastolic to as high as 200 mmHg systolic and 110 mmHg diastolic. In the Gould program, the target blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg or below.

What is Coronary heart disease?

Cardiovascular diseases include stroke, congestive heart failure, hypertension, and other diseases, as well as coronary heart disease. In the U.S., the number of deaths from coronary heart disease is nearly as high as the number of deaths from all forms of cancer combined.

Växa's Heart Formula

Växa's Heart Health Formula was designed to act on circular, muscular fibers like those of the heart. This formula helps to strngthen a weak heart and regulates blood distribution, regulates and reinforces the action of the heart, helps to strengthen cardiac function, lower cholesterol levels, and regulates both high and low blood pressure. It is also beneficial for treating fatigue and varicose veins.

Hawthorn berries are known for their preventative properties, helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Hawthorn berries contain large amounts of bioflavonoids, best known for their support of the heart. The bioflavonoid substances help dilate and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, relax arteries, and improve circulation of blood to heart muscles.

Hawthorn berries have been used since the 19th century to support the heart and normalize cardiovascular functions. Today, hawthorn berries are one of the most popular herbs used in Europe. Hawthorn berries appear to work best when taken as a preventative herb, possibly helping reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Hawthorn berries help normalize the heart, either by stimulating or depressing its activity. For this reason, hawthorn berries are used to lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as increase low blood pressure.

Hawthorn berries reduce water retention expelling excess salt from the body.

Garlic is rich source of potassium, zinc, selenium, vitamin A and Vitamin C. Garlic is commonly used to fight infection, increase circulation and help prevent cardiovascular disease. Garlic has been known to detoxify the body, cleansing the kidneys and increasing urine flow.

Olive Leaf Extract Olive trees have been cultivated for many years. Recently the benefits of Olive Leaf Extract have become know as one of a handful of botanicals that naturally support the circulatory and immune systems.

Mistletoe (Viscum Album): used as a cardiac tonic and to stimulate circulation, reduce blood pressure and Atherosclerosis, and strengthen capillary walls.

Motherwort (Leonus cardiaca)a heart tonic that improves blood flow circulation and reduces heart blood pressure and palpitations. Helpful in all stress-related heart diseases.

Capsicum is best known for being a catalyst for other herbs. Capsicum stimulants circulation, enhances blood flow and is considered to be food for the circulatory system. The warming properties of capsicum are useful for people suffering from poor circulation to the hands and feet and other related conditions. As a cardiovascular stimulant, Capsicum assists in lowering blood pressure and breaking down cholesterol buildup.

Shepherd's purse (Capsella bursa pastoris) Different studies have shown both a lowering and elevation of blood pressure. Used in cardiac insufficiency, arrhythmia, Hypertension, Hypo tension, Nervous heart complaint.

Wallflower (Cheiranthus cheiri)Used for cardiac insufficiency.

Strophantus (Strophantus) The active agent, Strophanthin is a heart glycoside that has actions similar to digitalis but is milder. Strophantus is used for arteriosclerosis, cardiac insufficiency, and hypertension.

CoQ10, also referred to as ubiquinone, exists everywhere in the body assisting with enzyme functions on a cellular level. CoQ10 encourages energy production helping enzymes release energy in every cell, which also may reduce fat storage. CoQ10 is naturally found in foods like mackerel, salmon, sardines, peanuts and spinach. It stimulates immune system function, improves heart function, enhances the production of cellular energy, and is a powerful antioxidant. It moves energy throughout the body, increasing the efficiency of cellular metabolism.

Calcium is a mineral essential for healthy teeth, bones and muscles, strengthening and supporting the structural, muscular and nervous systems. Calcium not only benefits bone growth and teeth and muscle formation, calcium helps safeguard against cardiovascular disease, bone deterioration, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. In addition, calcium is necessary for nerve transmission, muscle contraction and bone density.

Magnesium is important for numerous bodily functions and plays a vital role on a cellular level. One of magnesium's prime functions is regulating the flow of calcium within cells.

Potassium is a mineral that helps the kidneys function normally. It also plays a key role in cardiac, skeletal, and muscle contraction, making it an important nutrient for normal heart function. Recent studies have suggested that potassium helps lower blood pressure, and that it can help reduce the risk of death from an acute heart attack.

Selenium a study in Clinical Chemistry reported that patients with healthy hearts had higher levels of selenium than patients with blocked arteries. other studies have shown that persons with low-selenium diets have two-to-three times greater risk of heart disease than those eating selenium rich diets.

Zinc, Silicon, Iron, Copper and Vanadium are minerals and trace elements needed for a healthy heart.

Homeopathics found in this formula are Phosphorus, Aconit, Arsenicum album, Antimonium tartaricum, Cractaegus, Cactus grandiflorus, Adonis vernalis, and Heart.

Växa's Heart Health Formula is safe and all natural, with no known side effects nor contra indication, helping to support the heart and the cardiovascular systems ability to function properly.

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