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Herbal Homeopathic Remedy For Kidney Disorders & To Help Rid The Kidneys Of Bacteria, Inflammation & Urinary Tract Infections.

Växa's Kidney Disorders Formula combines traditional homeopathic remedies with herbal combinations providing the fastest, most specific relief for a wide variety of kidney conditions. The ingredients in this multidimensional formula naturally support the body's ability to:

Växa's Kidney Formula
  • Help rid the kidneys of bacteria
  • Help protect against inflammation
  • Help prevent urinary tract infections
  • Support the metabolic control functions of the kidneys

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Pareira Brava 5X, Cantharis 3X, Terebenthina 5X, Apis 3X, Belladonna 7X, Kidneys 6C, Uva Ursi 280 mg, Corn Silk 220 mg, Juniper 220 mg, Peppermint 200 mg, Dandelion 150 mg, Zinc 10 mg, Silicon 500mcg, Selenium 60 mcg, Tin (trace), Vanadium (trace), Lithium (trace), Molybdenum (trace).

Anatomy of the Kidneys

The kidneys are bean-shaped organs that keep the composition of the blood balanced, regulate the amount of fluid in the body, help to control blood pressure, and also produce hormones that are important for blood and bone formation. These organs are located on either side of the lower back just below the rib cage. Together with the bladder, two ureters, and the urethra, the kidneys make up the body's urinary system. Human beings, as well as members of all other vertebrate species, typically have two kidneys. Kidneys are dark red in color and in adult humans are about 10 to 12 cm long and about 5 to 7 cm wide.

Structure of the Kidneys

The outside layer of the kidney is called the cortex. Beneath the cortex lies the medulla, containing pyramids, which are formed of microscopic tubules. At the center of the kidney is a cavity called the renal pelvis.

Urine Production

The production of urine is a complex process. It is far from being a simple removal of water from the body, rather it is a process of selective filtration that removes waste and potential toxins from the blood while retaining essential molecules. Blood enters the kidneys by the renal artery and is processed in tiny tubes called nephrons and returned to circulation through the renal veins. The substances that are filtered are turned into urine, composed of 95% water, 2.5% urea, 2.5% mixture of minerals, salt, hormones and enzymes. Urine is then collected in the central part of the kidney and passes through the ureters to the bladder. When the bladder is full of urine, it is emptied from the body through the urethra. Approximately 180 liters of blood moves through the two kidneys every day, about 1.5 liters of urine are produced.

Other Function of the Kidneys

In addition to cleaning the blood, the kidneys regulate the amount of water contained in the blood. ADH (Vasopressin) is an anti-diuretic hormone produced in the hypothalamus and stored in the pituitary gland. When the amount of salt and other substances in the blood becomes too high, the pituitary glands release ADH into the bloodstream and to the kidneys. This increases the permeability of the walls of the renal tubules, helping to reabsorb more water into the blood stream. The kidneys also adjust the body's acid-base balance to prevent acidosis and alkalosis.

Another function of the kidneys is the processing of vitamin D. The kidneys convert this vitamin to an active form that stimulates bone development.

Kidney Diseases

Diseases of the kidney range from mild infection to life-threatening kidney failure. The most common form of kidney disease is an inflammation of the kidneys. Kidney stones are crystallized minerals that sometimes obstruct the flow of urine and damage the kidneys. Nephrotic syndrome is a disorder that affects the ability of the glomeruli (filtering units) to retain protein in the blood. Proteins are excreted through the urine, creating a protein deficiency that leads to fluid retention leading to swelling of different parts of the body, as well as weight gain from the excess fluid.

Kidney failure occurs when the kidneys are no longer able to keep the blood balanced. In acute kidney failure, symptoms include swelling, drowsiness, and irregular heartbeat. In chronic kidney failure, symptoms include fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, cramps and thirst.

Urinary tract infections are health problems that are caused by kidney damage, various urinary infections, sexual contact and kidney stones.

Växa's Kidney Formula and the Urinary System

Kidney function is often given little attention by therapists other than suggesting the occasional diuretic. Växa's Kidney Formula uses herbs known by herbalists to nutritionally support the kidneys and urinary system, providing more options than the simple increase in diuresis. It is a composition of different plants that have a beneficial impact upon the human urinary system. This formula maintains health in the urinary system.

The Kidney Formula helps to remove acid and toxic wastes, helps dissolve kidney and prostate sediment, and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the nephrons. This blend helps the body to rid itself of excess fluids by increasing the rate of urine production by the kidneys, reduces inflammation through demulcents and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as corn silk.

The goal of Växa's Kidney Formula is to maintain health in the urinary system, nourish the tissues and help the normal functioning of the various organs and tissues involved. This formula helps maintain the health and avoid the development of illness in entire urinary system.

Corn Silk (Zea mays) is a diuretic, demulcent, and anti-inflammatory tonic. As a soothing diuretic, corn silk is helpful in alleviating any irritation of the urinary system. It contains silicon, B vitamins, iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Its key constituents are maizenic acid, flax oil, resin and mucilage.

Juniper (Juniperus communis) The oil in juniper is stimulating to the kidney nephrons and make them a good support of the urinary system. Juniper contains vitamin C and other nutrients. It acts as a diuretic, bactericidal and uterine stimulant to help rid the body of waste and toxins. It also helps to alleviate fluid retention and helps to prevent urinary tract infections.

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) Dandelion is a diuretic and one of the best natural sources of potassium. It is a balanced diuretic that may be used safely. This herb is a valuable general tonic and perhaps the best widely applicable diuretic and liver tonic. Herbalists consider dandelion one of the most nutrient-rich in the plant kingdom. Dandelion is a source of potassium, sodium, phosphorus and iron. The leaves are a richer source of vitamin A than carrots.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Peppermint has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the digestive and urinary system. It is ideal for treating spasm problems in the urinary tract. This herb also has strong antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which help rid the kidneys of bacteria.

Uva Ursi The leaves contain an antiseptic substance known as arbutin, which is a helpful nutritional supplement for the urinary system. This herb contains vitamin A, iron and manganese.

The balance of the formula is composed of zinc, selenium, silicon, tin, molybdenum, lithium and vanadium, which are minerals and trace elements necessary for the good functioning of important metabolic reactions in the kidneys.

The homeopathic part of the formula includes Pareira brava, Cantharis, Terebinthina, Apis, Belladonna and Kidney which work as natural and safe medicine, with no side effects and no known contra-indications and stimulate the kidneys ability to function properly.

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